Custom Tiki Build In Port Saint Lucie - Big Kahuna Tiki Huts
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Custom Tiki Build In Port Saint Lucie

About This Project

Here are pictures of a custom built authentic 18 foot, 6 inches x 14 foot x 14 foot (227 sf) tiki hut. The main posts going into the ground were 8″ to 10″ in diameter and sleeved.  We use hand selected Florida native cypress poles. The solid cypress poles have been hewn to a smooth blonde finish.  The thatched roof will be made from fresh cut Florida palm fronds individually attached to the purlins.


You can see the work that goes into creating a custom hut. Besides the physical labor involved, Big Kahuna also carves the poles, thatches the roofs, and custom builds their tikis.


Our tiki hut construction has been passed down over years of tried and true design to provide years of relaxation and enjoyment!


Call 1-877-249-4038 for your hut! We have traveled to Wellington, West Palm, Port Saint Lucie, and New Port Richey. Get yours before Summer is here-enjoy that pool and patio! We travel all over, so residents of Florida can enjoy their very own tiki huts.

Tiki Huts