Custom Tiki God Mail Box in Florida - Big Kahuna Tiki Huts
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Custom Tiki God Mail Box in Florida

About This Project

Check out our new design of the Tiki God Mailbox.  This tiki god mailbox stands six feet tall and was hand-crafted by our carver on staff.


Carving is one of the oldest known art forms. Ancient people that occupied the Pacific islands often used this art form to create “tiki” statues and poles. “Tiki” refers to large wood (or stone) carvings of humanoid forms.

The tiki mailboxes are made of natural materials (palm wood) individually hand-carved and chiseled. The raw shape of the wood guides the finished design making each tiki god unique. The artist then paints on the menacing grin and piercing eyes. Out of the mouth comes the mailbox, creating a unique and fun way to create a tropical feel to your home and yard.

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