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Portable Tiki Bar Built For a Resort

About This Project

Big Kahuna Tiki Huts & Tiki Bars completed a portable tiki bar for Captains Quarters Resort in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.   We built a custom 32 linear foot tiki bar and four hand-carved tiki gods on top of customer’s trailer.  The construction of the tiki bar told place in the parking garage of the resort.


The tiki bar had to be portable due to FEMA regulations in South Carolina in which the tiki bar had to be easily removed from beach.  Now the resort can trailer the tiki bar onto the beach and remove it and be within the FEMA regulations.


FEMA regulations.


Here is a copy of the “thank you” email we received from the client:


From: Chris [mailto:xxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 1:39 PM
To: Scott McCauley


Hey Scott,


Hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for getting your guys here last week
& getting our bar built. It was key for us to have it for our guests for
Easter week.


Thank you again for all of your help in this. Once I have all
of the hydraulics hooked up I’ll get you some pictures & video. Have a great
day.  -Chris

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