Private West Coast Mansion Tiki Hut - Big Kahuna Tiki Huts
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Private West Coast Mansion Tiki Hut

About This Project

The Ohana House, a private residence, is located on Longboat Key. Big Kahuna had a huge project when we were hired to add new tiki structures to the property.

First we built a 30 foot hexagonal tiki hut that was two stories high. The roof was assembled on the ground, supervised by our Construction Manager, James Hawkins.  A crane was brought in to lift the top of the hut and lower it onto the main support posts.  The top fit perfectly!  Great job to James and his crew.

James and his crew also built two circular tiki huts, each 12 foot and 113 square foot each.  Following that came the build of a 29 x 14.5 tiki breezeway.

The thatchers came in to thatch all the structures, of course wearing special harnesses when doing the two story hexagonal hut.

A beautiful property became even more with the addition of the tikis.

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