Tiki Hut & Tiki Bar in Clearwater FL - Big Kahuna Tiki Huts
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Tiki Hut & Tiki Bar in Clearwater FL

About This Project

Think of swimming in your pool and wanting to go lay back in the shade. You don’t want to have to go inside, and can’t seem to find enough shade under a palm tree in your backyard. If only there was a way to enjoy being poolside with a little hut…..maybe a tiki hut?


Here’s why you should call a tiki builder in Clear Water, FL:


  1. A builder will make a custom design that fits your deck, patio, or outdoor living space.
  2. They will use sturdy materials, such as cypress, that will handle the Florida weather.
  3. A builder will be able to perfectly make a thatched palm roof that will not leak in the rainy Florida conditions.
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